Daikin MXS Wall Mounted 2-Zone System – 24,000 BTU Outdoor – 12k + 12k Indoor – 18.9 SEER


Daikin has firmly established themselves as a world leader in heating and cooling equipment manufacturing, and their ductless systems are no exception. The D2H24W12120000 pairs Daikin’s lastest in condensing technology with a pair of quiet, easy to install, wall-mounted indoor units. The outdoor condenser is engineered to provide efficient heating and cooling for your home while guarenteeing long, reliable, service life. Inside your home, Daikin’s wall mounted units offer a simple design meant to blend into any setting. Combined with their standard quiet operation, these units are designed to keep your home comfortable without drawing attention. Advanced filtration technology cleans your home’s air at the same time it is conditioned, allowing you and your family to breathe easy without fear of lingering pollutants.
  • Reactive Temperature Monitoring
  • Daikin ductless systems do not require any setting changes to keep your home comfortable on a hot or cool day. Once you set a temperature for the system to maintain, the system automatically adjusts output levels according to environmental conditions.
  • Inverter Technology Prevents Temperature Fluctuation
  • The 3MXS24RMVJU unit features inverter technology. This works together with the expansion valve to adjust coolant flow and compressor speed to match indoor conditions. This results in less dramatic temperature swings and a more comfortable home.


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