Bosch C 1050 ES – 6.3 GPM at 60° F Rise – 0.95 EF – Gas Tankless Water Heater – Direct Vent

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The Greentherm tankless water heater is Bosch’s most efficient model in their Therm line of tankless water heaters. It achieves an improved energy factor of 0.95 by capturing heat from the flue gases, the efficiency of the water heater is increased by 10% from previous models. The Greentherm is wall mounted to save on space and only heats when there is a demand for hot water. The Greentherm tankless water heater provides you maximum efficiency while having a virtually endless supply of hot water.
  • Compact Venting
  • Compact 2″ venting allows for use of existing vent openings and eliminates the need to drill new holes in many applications.
  • Active Bypass
  • The Greentherm models all come with an automated, fully modulating bypass for temperature stability to ensure you have a constant accurate temperature.
  • External Access to Inlet Water Filter
  • Bosch provides you with external access to the filter, for easy replacement. This ensures that you are receiving clean, usable water.
  • Convenient Gas Hook Up
  • The ability to use an existing 1/2″ gas line makes the Greentherm an ideal option for storage tank retrofits.
  • Built-In Digital Control Panel
  • The Greentherm tankless hot water heaters have a digital control panel on the front of your unit to adjust temperature and to make sure your system is running properly.
  • Durable Heat Exchanger Design
  • The complete path the water takes is made of copper pipes to avoid corrosion and premature failure.
  • Multi Unit Cascades
  • Easily control up to 24 water heaters with the optional cascading kit. It activates and deactivates other water heaters as needed.
  • Water Heater Mobile App
  • Easily access any sizing or technical documentation through the convenient Bosch water heater mobile app.
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